About us

Established in April 2000 by three Vietnamese scientists (two physicists and one mathematician) with a view to helping customers make the most of digital entertainment, AVSoft Corp. has been continuously developing ever since.

More than ten years after its establishment, AVSoft Corp. has owned the advanced technology in multimedia processing. The company has achieved world-wide reputation as one of the leading producers of multimedia tools. The company also uses its experiences in becoming a successful business to provide consulting services in e-Commerce and Web 2.0.

The company’s market now includes more than 140 countries with about 2 million downloads a year. As regards the sales of software, the United States accounts for 38% of the total revenues, Japan 25% and Europe 18%. The company’s website traffic, www.audio4fun.com which acts as the company's front store, is ranked about 30,000 by Alexa and 15,000 by Quantcast. The website also ranks 6/10 by Google PageRank. Some of its top keywords include: change voice, voice changing software, voice changer, voice changer software, computer voice changer, voice alterer, voice extractor, etc.

Among the providers of AVSoft Corp’s products are nextEDGE, Magrex (Japan), Softonic, SoftwareCase (Spain), Pdassi/Winowin (Germany), etc. and the company is still looking for new distribution partners.

The website www.make4fun.com, AVSoft Corp’s entertainment community dedicated to netizens all over the world on average has more than 20,000 hits every month and about 1,000 member registration per day. Some of its top keywords include: funny ringtone, funny sound, audio clip, funny song parody, funny remixes, etc.

Over all, the company has more than 1 million active members.

Our Vision

Maintain the position as one of the leading producers of music and audio effects, tools, funny stuff, also penetrate into the global market.

Integrate Facebook and www.make4fun.com,so that users can upload, download, and manage stuff on make4fun from Facebook.


Following the slogan High Quality is Best Marketing, AVSoft Corp. regards customers’ satisfaction as the highest priority. The company’s multimedia tools have received many awards voted by professionals as well as ultimate users.